KeyPad Pen™ - How an elegant gift pen can
save you time and money

Do long fingernails get in the way when you’re dialing phone numbers? Or do you know someone who loves the newest electronic devices, but the shrinking size of the keys makes it hard for their large fingers to press the right ones?

At times like this, wouldn't it be easy to grab one of your pens to press the keys on your telephone, calculator, remote control, or other small device? Until the tip of the pen slips off the keys…and you have to start all over again. It’s downright annoying…but it also wastes valuable time and money.

As you wonder if there's a solution, imagine a pen with a nonslip tip: you’ll know with confidence that you can quickly, easily, and accurately
punch the right keys every time.

Wonder no more! We heard you…and we came up with the new specialty KeyPad Pen to deal with these frustrating situations. Its sparkling tip is designed specifically to press keys on small keypads without slipping.

“Since I am a nurse, I always have a pen in hand, and when
making a lot of phone calls I use the nonwriting end of the pen
to press the phone keys. In the past, I've had trouble keeping
the pen from slipping off the keys, and the pen end is usually too
 large. Now there is a pen made just for me!!”

Sue P., nurse, Meriden, Connecticut

"I love having long fingernails, and I love talking on the phone.
Using the nonslip tip on the KeyPad Pen to press in phone numbers
is as easy as 1-2-3, I don't have to carefully punch the numbers with
the edge of my fingernail anymore. "

Michelle, college student, Altadena, California

It’s the ONLY pen of its kind on the market; no one offers an elegant gift pen with this unique, patented, Kraton™ nonslip tip.

More than a solution – it's a gift! You'll want one by each phone.

With a stylish appearance that includes a stainless steel finish and gold-plated accents, this slender writing instrument looks good in any situation, professional or casual. The elegant package makes it a perfect gift pen. Treat yourself to a practical gift! Or you can buy several pens to use as birthday or holiday gifts for friends, family, or colleagues. Even though it’s a specialty gift pen, it takes Cross® or similar refills for ballpoint pens that you can buy at your local office supply store.

”Here is an order for three more pens. Some of my friends and I have
clumsy fingers, and we call too many wrong numbers. This pen saves
us a lot of time and trouble!!"

Irene B., Pasadena, California

"Just wanted to say that I love the pen, it's wonderful to use for quickly figuring out on my calculator each person's share of the check when my lunch group meets. I just use one end to punch in the numbers, and the other end to sign the bill. It's very handy."
Marion G., retired college professor, Los Angeles, California

Go ahead and give it a try! Get this handsome gift pen for $19.97, or two for $30.00.

Yes! I'm ready to reduce my frustration level and stop
wasting time and money. I understand that my pen comes with a full one-year warranty against defects (excludes the refill).  I also understand that if I am not completely satisfied for any reason I can return my gift pen to you within ninety days of my purchase and you'll cheerfully and courteously refund my money.

If I live in the USA I should receive my specialty gift pen within one weeks (outside the USA may take up to two weeks).

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